Home & Student 2019 Home & Student 2019 - Office Setup 2019

A Microsoft is a software company that provides the various home & student 2019 through it. The offices like Excel, PowerPoint, outlook, word, etc for business, home, and student purpose. Nowadays it's easy to handle the easy as well as difficult works by using this software. If you use it for home purposes you can learn many things at home and sort the problems from home only. For students to learn more things this software is a good one. This version is the latest 2019 version of the office. Microsoft has launched it recently with other offices too. The other is office setup home student 2019 etc. You can even get the apps installed from the play store and even buy them from buying sites online.

Steps to download the home & student 2019

  • Firstly open the browser of the device where you want to download the software.
  • Click on the Search tab and search for office setup home and student 2019.
  • Now the download page will open.
  • Then scroll down you will see two download options.
  • From that select one that supports your device system.
  • Click on that Download link option.
  • After clicking on it new tab will open.
  • Then you will see the loading option, wait for it. It will automatically start downloading.
  • You will see the downloaded file in the downloads option of the browser.

Steps to install the office 2019 home & student 2019
  • Now go into downloads and right-click on it.
  • In right-click click on the extract option then a new folder will appear on the desktop.
  • Open the New folder displayed on the desktop by double-clicking on it.
  • There you will see the last option of start setup.cmd option.
  • Click on it and wait till you get MS office setup home & student on the taskbar.
  • Automatically installation will begin.
  • Wait till the installation process finishes.
  • When it's finished you are ready to use the Software.
  • Click on the close option after installation.
  • Now click on the Start option and select any file like Excel or word or any other.
  • When the Word file or Excel file opens.
  • When you open the file you will see the system asks to sign in or create an account on it.

Create an office home student 2019 account

  1. Now click on create an office account if you don't have it.
  2. Then enter your name, email address, and password.
  3. Then submit the form. Your account is created successfully.

Office setup home student 2019 Activation

  1. Now sign in to your account by adding your email address and password.
  2. The. Click on activate home student 2019 option shown in the blue box.
  3. Then again sign in for the account.
  4. After that add your region or country.
  5. Then select your language and click on the Next option below in the red box.
  6. Again click on the Next option on the next page.
  7. Once the office is ready go to the official word again and click on the refresh option.
  8. Now open the new document in that office file.
  9. Then click on Accept and start the word option below.
  10. Accept the license and Agreements.
  11. Now you can start the use of the office.

Steps to get the office 2019 license key code

  • The license keycode is 25 digits. You can buy it online or even via retail stores.
  • By the online method, you will get the key code via email.
  • As well as you want to buy it via retail stores, you will get the code behind the back or inside the pack in black color key-like symbol page.
  • Keep it safe because you can only use it once. Once it is used it's of no use.
  • To download it go into the home & student 2019 page, you will see various packages with various features.
  • Read the features and buy them according to your need.
  • Make a payment and you will receive the OTP.
  • Enter the OTP and proceed with payment.
  • You will get the code via email.